Compact Drone Video

mTx compact COFDM HD wireless video transmitter. UHF, 900 or 2400MHZ for drones and industrial.


OV-MTX is a long range, full HD Drone/robot wireless video transmitter system with low latency, high quality and most importantly, reliability and ease of use. MTX is available from UHF to 2.6Ghz (In bands) with up to 1W of output. Low latency H264 video is complemented by embedded serial data, variable bitrate, 1-8MHz channel width and 1KHz tuning.

Compact and lightweight COFDM video transmitter

MTX was developed with compact drones in mind, without compromising performance and usability. In bare board format, the unit weighs in at just 30 grams with 100mW output, allowing installation on compact platforms. 

Small footprint doesn't mean lack of connectivity, mTx is available with CVBS (composite PAL or NTSC), HDMI or HD-SDI inputs. Audio is available embedded over HDMI/SDI, or over a stereo line level input. MTX is most cost effect and flexible COFDM video transmitter solution available on the market today.